After the vortex

Now that the nasty polar vortex business is out of the way for now, Action Figure Pete and I decided to do a little skiing by our fjord. Not being in Norway and lacking a true fjord, we opted for our rather flat but efficient field, great for a little cross country skiing. So after the billion below zero weather moved out, we got ourselves a respite of mild weather with snow still on the ground. Time to hit it!

Action Figure Pete with his high toque on

Fortunately for us novice skiers, the flatness of our field accommodated our flailing skis and poles. When we fall, we don’t roll far. We took turns breaking a trail in a landscape of marshmallow delight. It was lovely. A little bit of mist quietly wrapped itself around us, so all we could hear was the shush shush of our skis, and echoes of “are we there yet?”.

After one lap around the field, I dropped Action Figure Pete off, and continued on for another lap to really punch down the trail. Oh yeah, this was looking fine for another day of skiing/flailing about tomorrow!

Home on the horizon

That didn’t quite happen. That gentle mist turned to a dense fog overnight, although with wonderfully mild temperatures. You can’t get one without the other in this case. But dreams of shushing through the snow turned to, “gaahh! What happened to my trail?!!”

Sad, little ski trail

That’s what happened. A melt down. Topped with a frosting of fog. I’m glad we took the time yesterday to dash out on our skis because that wasn’t happening today. But if I could, it would be amazing to ski out into a landscape of fluff.

There was a ski trail out there once!

It sounds like the fluff is sticking around tomorrow morning. I wonder if I could just simply shift my car in fluff gear and fly through it, avoid collisions on the road. And then just make a soft landing when I’ve reached my destination. I would like that very much. Fluff and stuff.


2 thoughts on “After the vortex

  1. I can plainly see everything in Micka’s world is so much more fun than in my world! I think I need to visit Micka’s world sometime, maybe after the fluff and polar vortex and ice storms…..

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