Prints & Drawings

Please enjoy browsing through my prints and drawings, past and current. If you have any questions, thoughts or inquiries feel free to leave a message in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you!

Or if you’d prefer, you can email me at

“Forest and Fireflies”, lithograph:

"forest and fireflies" lithograph

“Pine Forest At Night”, lithograph:


“2 Figures Approach”, xerox transfer on fabric:

"2 figures approach", xerox transfer

“Nkisi 1”, charcoal on paper:

"nkisi 1" charcoal on paper

“Three Men Approach”, xerox transfer:

"three men approach" xerox transfer

“Silent Contemplation”, xerox transfer on fabric:

"silent contemplation", xerox transfer on fabric

“Self-Study”, xerox transfer on paper:

"self study" xerox transfer on fabric

“My Friends”, intaglio print on paper:

"my friends" intaglio print on paper

“subway mummies”, intaglio print on paper:

"subway mummies", intaglio print on paper

“mummies grouping”, intaglio print on paper:

"mummies grouping" intaglio print on paper

“mummy”, intaglio print on plaster:

"mummy", intaglio print on plaster

“mummy group”, intaglio print on paper:

"mummy group", intaglio print on paper

“landscape mummy 1”, charcoal on paper:

"landscape mummy 1" charcoal on paper

“in wraps”, monoprint on paper:

"in wraps", monoprint on paper

“lollipop guy”, monoprint on paper:

"young girl hooded" monoprint on paper

“looking within”, charcoal on paper:

"looking within" charcoal on paper

“san francisco”, charcoal on paper:

"san francisco" charcoal on paper

“chicago”, charcoal on paper:

"chicago" charcoal on paper

“she passed into the night”, charcoal on paper:

"She Passed Into The Night" charcoal on paper

“young girl hooded”, charcoal on paper:

"young girl hooded" charcoal on paper

“a walk in the woods”, charcoal on paper:

A Walk In The Woods

“A Ride In The Car”, charcoal on paper:

A Ride In The Car

“MouseHead With Full Moon”, charcoal on paper:

MouseHead With Full Moon

“Moon Sit”, charcoal on paper:

Moon Sit; charcoal drawing

“Cat Baby Cat”, charcoal on paper:

“Cat and Mouse”, charcoal on paper:

“Night Watch”, charcoal on paper:

“Crow Hat”, charcoal on paper:

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