The Mummies

The mummies took physical form back in 1992 or so when after years of sketching and printing them, I finally had to actually build and handle them. I started with an initial gang of four:

Four Mummies

But a few years later, they grew into a gang of 24 or so. Maybe 25, I lost track. While the original gang of four remain my favorites, the others I built with the purpose of being able to suspend them from a ceiling in a group arrangement. At the same time, I have been collaborating with a musician who is in the process of composing music for mummies. At some point, it is our hope that we will find a place to debut our collective work.

The next image illustrates the various stages of building a mummy. From right to left: Dowels, casing, filling and wrapping.

Mummy Stages

In order to speed up the aging process, I give their wrappings a good soak in coffee. I try to use decaf because I really don’t need the mummies to be running around at all hours of the night.


Mummy Close-Up shot:

Mummy closeup

Mummy Group shot:

Mummy Group Portrait

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